Team Building at Truffles & Trifles

Businesses from across the world have been coming to Truffles and Trifles for 39 years. Businesses such as: American Express, Bristol Myers, Coca Cola, Boston Beer, Johnson & Johnson, Hershey, Chep, Siemens, Lockheed-Martin, Cargill, Ritz Carlton, Raymond James, Cadbury, Exxon Mobile, Disney, Universal, Fidelity, Zero Chaos, State Farm, Marriott, Starwood, Pulte Homes, Novaris, Wyndam Hotels, Charles Schwab, The Orlando Sentinel, SunTrust, IBM, Chase Banks, and too many law firms to mention. These are just some of the businesses who have chosen to bring groups to Truffles and Trifles to experience our unique team building experience.

Your group can hold a meeting first and then prepare a meal designed especially for your group.

Our state of the art teaching kitchens are equipped with 14 cook tops, 19 ovens, 8 refrigerators, 3 freezers, a commercial deep fryer and 2 indoor gas grills, along


To bring a group to Truffles and Trifles we require a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 55-60, with some exceptions, for larger groups, for an evening event (for some daytime luncheon classes we are willing to host smaller groups). We require a $250.00 deposit to hold your date. The deposit will apply toward your final balance. The cost at this time is $80.00 per person plus sales tax for your group (unless your group is tax exempt). (All pricing will be discussed with Marci Arthur). This price is subject to change unless we have a contract and a deposit. When you choose a specific date, we will e-mail you a contract which must be signed, and returned within 48 hours with your deposit of $250. There are cases where we will have a smaller group than required with a special fixed price, for a daytime class. If you have to cancel your event prior to a full month out from your date, your deposit will be returned. If you cancel within the month of event, the entire balance will become due. If you change the date of event, within the three weeks prior (except in December) to your event an additional $200 will be charged.

When we receive your contract, we will send you approximately 5-10 different menus for your group; and then you can pick a menu which best suit your group. You also can switch items from different menus if you see something that catches your eye. There will be professional chefs to guide your group through the cooking process. There is also two dishwashers. Your group will prepare all the food. They will be divided into teams; usually 4 people to a team and each team will prepare 2-3 recipes, per team, depending on the degree of difficulty. And, of course, most importantly, you will have a fabulous meal and go home with a booklet of all the recipes. The usual amount of time required is a minimum of 3 hours. There is a $150 charge for the first hour for a meeting held in the shop. If your group wishes to stay longer than 3 hours, an additional $150.00 an hour will be charged or $75 for each 30 minute period. If your group fails to arrive as the designated time there will be an additional charge. The price of wine is $26 per bottle; beer is $5.00 per bottle or can, plus tax. We give your menu to our wine expert and they match the wine to the menu. You are welcome to bring your own beverages, if you choose to do so. WE provide spring water, and iced tea, and upon request, we will offer coffee.

Your event will be held in 3 connected rooms: our teaching kitchen (2400 square feet- equipped with 10-14 cooking stations; 11 stove tops, 15 ovens; Our Wine Room – where we will serve appetizers and drinks is approximately 700 square feet; our baking, grilling and frying kitchen is approximately 600 square feet – equipped with large convection baking oven, large commercial gas stove; gas fryer and gas grill – 6 refrigerators and 3 freezers). Also available is our meeting room. You can have up 50 people auditorium style seating or tables (which is an extra cost) for up to 40. The cost is $150 for the first Hour and $75.00 for a second hour or any part of a second hour. If you meeting goes longer than 2 hours, you will need to discuss price with Marci. We can easily accommodate 55 people in our teaching kitchen. Pictures of kitchens are available. We use 8 foot tables set on end, to accommodate your group – tables are set in a U shape. Your food will be serviced in buffet style, except desserts which are served by our wait staff. You will be assisted by as many chefs as your numbers require and in addition, there are 2 dishwashers. There are 3 fully equipped bathrooms and 4 outer sinks for hand washing.   In addition, we are have just finished a new Conference/Kitchen that will accommodate meetings up to 40 people for meetings and in addition, add 12 to 20 more people cooking. We have screen to use in your meetings, round tables, etc.

This type of Team Building provides total interaction with your guests, employees or clients. Groups, literally, from all over the world attend every year, and we have had groups return, time and time again, over a 30+ year period.

TEAM BUILDING: Our team building experience creates cooperation and social interaction with group members.

OUTCOME: Elevating team spirit and morale. Finding the winning balance between planning and execution.

Creating an environment that allows team members to get to know each other better

Creates a purpose in expertise, precision and creativity.

Creating a meal brings out leadership skills that are put into action with the end result being an amazing meal, whether your members have cooked in the past or never cooked at all. This team building experience will produce an unforgettable and delicious culinary team building adventure.

Truffles and Trifles was chosen as one of the Top 5 Cooking Schools in the Nation by the Food Network. Marci Arthur has received numerous awards including Hall of Fame honors from the Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Magazine. She was recently selected one of the Top 5 Women Chefs in Florida by Restaurant Trends. And last month she was chosen as one of the top women chefs in the Southeast by Women of Distinction of America. Marci was also designated as Distinguished Honors Speaker at The University of Central Florida for September, 2012 and 2014. She is also an adjunct professor at Rollins College, teaching for Rollins once a week.

We will provide Spring water, Tropical iced tea, and coffee for evening classes – if other beverages are required i.e.: wine, beer – we can provide them at an additional cost, or you are welcome to bring your own.


*excluding gratuities*
$80 per person includes water and tea
$85 per person includes water, tea, and soda
$95 per person includes water, tea, and beer and wine package
+$20 flat dishwasher fee

*Parties with less than 16 attendees will still be charged for 16 people*