DATE: 02/18/2017 to 02/18/2017
TIME: 10:00 AM


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Why do you think macarons have become so popular?

Their Parisian heritage certainly counts for something, but don’t underestimate the power of pretty colors — who doesn’t love a fancy, bite-sized treat? They’re indulgent without being over-the-top. They’re high in sugar, but the only fat comes from the almonds and possibly the filling. They’re naturally gluten-free, too.

Why would one make them at home instead of buying them ready-made? The difference in cost is pretty incredible. A single macaron costs about $0.18 to make at home, whereas a bakery version can set you back up to $4 per cookie. They’re not difficult to make, either — just very precise. Our recipe has removed all the guesswork. If you mise en place your ingredients before you begin and follow the directions exactly, you’ll be fine.

Saturday’s sweet treats will include: Vanilla with Raspberry Buttercream Filling; Raspberry Hearts with Chocolate Ganache Filling; Strawberry with Strawberries and Cream Filling; Lemon with Lemon Curd Filling

No children under the age of 10 without prior approval from Marci.  Please email her at

Be sure to eat some protein prior to class.


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