Dress up your home and Thanksgiving table with these five festive decoration ideas!

1. Wine Bottles
Don’t throw your empty wine bottles away! Use them to your advantage. Fill the bottles with fragrant potpourri, along with seasonal flowers, nuts, berries, etc. Your home will smell and look just like Fall!

2. Place Holders
Make your own, unique place holders for each individual. Tie some fresh herbs or flowers together with twine and attach a personalized paper name tag. It will bring your dinner table to life!

3. Flower Arrangement
Do you have a couple of clear drinking glasses? Fill it half way with water and get a flower with a big, full head. Cut the stem and put in the glass. A mum or hydrangea would look beautiful in a short whiskey glass!

4. The Kids Table
Instead of a table cloth on the kids table use brown paper. The children can have some fun coloring and making hand turkeys!

5. Mason Jars
Get any size mason jar and fill them with kennel corn. Stick some wheat stems inside the jar and wrap twine rope around in a bow. There you go!

Happy Thanksgiving!