Thanksgiving Chatter From Marci: Three Weeks Out


Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks: Three Weeks Out

We are now racing toward Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Yes, your Thanksgiving can be a stress-free smashing success. Use our checklist, tips and tricks below to impress your family and friends, without breaking a sweat.

Thanksgiving is usually the biggest and most-challenging holiday of the year. Whether you are an old pro or a first-timer, having a large family gathering centered on food is a tall task. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. PBS Food has created this Thanksgiving Planning Checklist to help you pull off a stress-free Turkey Day. You can download the checklist into a printable form below. We also have a Thanksgiving Menu Cheat Sheet that can keep your kitchen organized and efficient as you cook on Thanksgiving Day.

Our checklist is broken into categories by date, with the goal to space out the tasks throughout the month of November to keep you stress-free. You can find a new Thanksgiving checklist posted each week in our blog section by each week out.

Three Weeks Out

Two Weeks Out

One Week Out





  • Invite Your Guests:

Be sure to set your guest invitation list no later than 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. Set an RSVP date at least 10 days before Thanksgiving.

  • Order Your Organic Turkey:

Ordering a turkey from a local farm or through a CSA is a convenient way to get a delicious and healthy bird, and to support your local farming economy. Order early! Many farms will sell out long before Thanksgiving. To find out where you can order a turkey in your area, click here.

  • Set Your Budget:

Before you even begin to plan a menu, make sure to set a reasonable budget that will comfortably accommodate your expected guests. Even if you’re asking your guests to bring a side dish, dessert or other item, be sure to set aside a safety net in case any of your guests aren’t able to bring their dish. Setting limits now will prevent you from going overboard later.

  • Start Checking Your Local Grocery Ads:

Many grocery stores will begin running specials on Thanksgiving-related products well before the holiday. Look for deals not only on non-perishable items, but also Halloween (pumpkin) decorations that could be re-purposed for Thanksgiving.

  • Plan Your Menu:

Once you have established your budget and a rough number of guests, you can begin to craft the menu. Make sure that you pick a menu that will easily accommodate your guests, but will also fit in your kitchen. However, better too much than too little! Be sure to measure the oven to make sure the turkey fits!

  • Pull Out Your Decorations:

Pull out your Thanksgiving decorations, centerpieces and candles well before the holiday and check to make sure they are in good order. You don’t want to discover on Thanksgiving morning that your candles melted together in the attic over the Summer.

  • Purchase Any Additional Decorations:

If you need to replace some worn-out decorations or add to your décor, be sure to do it early. You have more flexibility and can bargain shop if you order online, but you want to leave plenty of time to avoid paying for rush shipping.

We will discuss weeks one and two on Monday in the blog called, Chatter From Marci: Part Two!


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Enjoy the weeks ahead of Thanksgiving.  Breathe deeply, exercise and take time for a cup of tea, reading a book and just relaxing – a nap is a good idea too!