Bacon Bombs


1 can (8ct.) Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits

Cubed Mozzarella Cheese (1 – 1″ cube per Bomb)

2 lbs. of Bacon (1 slice per Bomb)


Oil for frying




  1. Cube up the Cheese, and cut each Biscuit into fourths.
  2. Place one piece of Cheese inside a biscuit quarter, and roll it up nice and tight.
  3. Wrap each rolled bomb in a slice of bacon, and secure it with a skewer or toothpick…
  4. In a med/large pot, heat up approx. 2″ of Oil (to 350 degrees) and fry them up in small batches. The oil will expand so stay close…Drain them on some Paper Towel and enjoy



Toothpicks                                Deep Fryer or large pot                             Cutting board

Sharp knife                               Scissors to cut bacon                                  Serving platter